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  1. Verify! Verify!


    May 3, 2014 by wandalusst

    Photo Credit: Lucy Crossett Seated, Rosie Bray as The Child, listens to Margret RoadKnight (far right), The Swan of Verity, …
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  2. Finally, the finale


    April 30, 2014 by wandalusst

      Photo Credit: Lucy Crossett  Lighting Design: Rachel Burke Musical Direction: Jo Trevathan   Choreography: Robin Laurie Outside, in the …
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  3. Five characters in search of a story line

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    April 6, 2014 by wandalusst

      Photo Credit: Lucy Crossett L – R  Nursie-Nurse (Caroline Lee), Verity (Marg Dobson) Matron Gascoyne (Wilhelmina Stracke), Sister Fizi …
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  4. The Veritabile – Orla’s Song


    April 2, 2014 by wandalusst

    Photo Credit: Lucy Crossett  Shows Marg Dobson, as Verity, serenaded by Wilhelmina Stracke in the role of Orla. Projection by …
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  5. Inside St Christabel and St Germaine’s Haven for Late Bloomers

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    March 31, 2014 by wandalusst

    Photo Credit: Lucy Crossett Inside The Haven of St Christabel and St Germaines’ the sisterhood of Late Bloomers flourishes, under …
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  6. Later, in the Sanitarium


    March 17, 2014 by wandalusst

    L – R: Architect, Peta Murray, in sash and head torch, watches Verity (Marg Dobson) and Orlando (Wil Stracke) in …
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  7. The Visitation (or is it the Annunciation?)


    March 15, 2014 by wandalusst

    The Writer, Verity (Marg Dobson), receives gifts, writing tips and prophesies from St Lisbeth, the Jolly, Matron Saint of Late …
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  8. The arrivals


    March 12, 2014 by wandalusst

    L – R Alice Prowse (Costumier), Rachel Burke (Lighting Designer), seeking refuge, and Liz Welch (Actor), newly summoned from the …
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