The Artist’s Talk


March 10, 2014 by wandalusst


Peta Murray, as The Architect, surrounded by props and artefacts from “the show that never was”, gives an Artist’s Talk about Things That Fall Over.  Photo Credit: Lucy Crossett

And the punters said: “What an amazing journey you took us all on! The incredible range and depth of references to writing, theatre, literary history and devices, not to mention the role of women in it all, was astounding. Also your brilliance when it comes to wordsmithing, punning and witty ‘yumour’…we laughed a lot. Also loved your own dramatic turn as the Mistress of Ceremonies.”

2 thoughts on “The Artist’s Talk

  1. petawilliams says:

    Dear Peta M,

    The Architect was a triumph. Shame that all the unrest and altercations outside on the night stopped the play going on, after all the years of work the playwright had put into it. Instead, we had this quite extraordinary stream of consciousness that flowed through the Architect’s design and construction and shown, as if in a dream, what the play would have been like, had it manifested, had it been able to come to fruition. Curiously in this stream of consciousness there was great activity, great moments of insight, thought and depth; there was music, humour, fabulous acting and singing and playing and design and lighting and directing, and wonderfully moving and touching moments.

    As I said, a shame that the playwright’s vision could not be manifested…. But I think many of us loved the amazing journey the Architect took us on. Thank you!

    Peta Williams
    (I think I had something to do with the music aspect of this dream…)

  2. veepas says:

    Hmmm… I think you may be right there Peta Williams.
    And what memorable music it is!

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