What an un-abashed array of amazingly awesome, amusing, adept, arbitrarily aerobic, affable, adamant, acute, affecting, attractively altruistic, advocates for women!!!!!

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February 25, 2014 by wandalusst

A Blog post by Lisa Maza

Since its first reading a couple of years ago, I am told that approximately two hundred women have been involved, in one way or another, in Things That Fall Over (TTFO) and Swansong!!! The Musical!!!.

As described in the heading above, the range of women involved is both deep and wide, to say the least.

At the centre of all this ado is the architect (or writer) of the piece, Peta Murray.

I first met Peta, when she facilitated the Black Writers Lab at Ilbijerri Theatre a few years ago now. What I deducted from that first classroom with her at the helm, was that she was an accomplished, well spoken, gracious and intelligent woman. What I got to know and really like about her even more since working on TTFO and Swansong, is her generosity of spirit, patience and sense of fun.

What is so fabulous about this show is what it continues to be: a living breathing evolving organism taking on a life of its own… It is the sum of every single person who has ever been involved, all the women, their families, friends and of course the audience who see’s it for the first time every time…because although it has been performed in bits and pieces from its first reading to now, every show is different due to the array of different people involved, the edits that have been both added and subtracted to and from the script and musical score, and of course what each venue and audience bring also.

I am looking forward to the biggest showing ever of Things That Fall Over and Swansong!!! the Musical!!! And encourage everyone to come along. It is free of charge and absolutely everyone is invited to this later part of the evening. Please bring a little picnic and a pillow for yourself and sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

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