And as The Weaver….. Lisa Maza


August 25, 2013 by wandalusst


Team TTFO is always thrilled to introduce Lisa Maza. Lisa was involved as a performer in last year’s creative development of Things That Fall Over, and we are delighted she remains close to this project.


Lisa has been busy lately with all manner of things. As well as regularly rehearsing and performing with Songlines Skin Choir, she has been recording voice overs, attending board meetings, going to the theatre and of course making a documentary.

Lisa will sing the role of The Weaver in our forthcoming exploration of Swansong!!!The Musical!!!

Yulkuum Jerrang Dinner (Print JPEGs)-3

2 thoughts on “And as The Weaver….. Lisa Maza

  1. Jennifer Coralie says:

    This is wonderful news; she has a great voice.

  2. veepas says:

    Lisa certainly has! This production has a fabulous line up…

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