Peta W or Peta M? – a guide for the bewildered


August 8, 2013 by wandalusst

Peta W & Peta MIt’s come to our notice that certain singers are perplexed by the plethora of Petas on this project. For our new singers, and any one else requiring assistance, we are pleased to offer this a quick, easy-to-reference photo guide.

The Peta on the left is Peta Williams. She is holding a ukulele. Peta W is the composer of all the original music in our oratorio, Swansong!!!The Musical!!! and has also written and/or arranged all of the songs and musical moments that feature in TTFO. Peta W lives in the Blue Mountains, in NSW.

The Peta on the right is Peta Murray. She is holding a document. Peta M is the architect of the full catastrophe that is TTFO. She is also its librettist. This means she is the writer of the book (script) and the lyrics (song words) of Things That Fall Over: an anti-musical of a novel inside a reading of a play, with footnotes, and oratorio-as-coda. Peta M lives in Melbourne.

The two Petas first worked together in Sydney in the late 70s. Their creative collaboration on TTFO was resumed several decades on, thanks to serendipity and the internet, while Peta M was still writing the first draft of the TTFO text. It’s a marvellous and strange story but we will save it for another day.

2 thoughts on “Peta W or Peta M? – a guide for the bewildered

  1. veepas says:

    Creativity squared!

  2. And now to complete my transformation from a bewildebeest, I could use a Venn diagram that shows the relationship between “Swansong!!! The Musical!!!” and TTFO, how an oratorio fits with a musical and so on. (Maybe if I spent a few minutes reading earlier posts, I might find out for myself, yes?)

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