Thermos of the Week (2)…introducing Patricia


August 7, 2013 by wandalusst

Peta Murray © 2013

Peta Murray © 2013

Introducing Patricia, the proud owner of our Thermos of The Week.

Patricia’s Thermos – the real deal with its original Thermos brand name still legible – is a family heirloom. It belonged to her Mum. This is a quality vintage Thermos-for-one, and in a heritage Thermos blue.

Patricia drives from Geelong to sing with the Quire. Be sure to say hello to her in the Alto 2 section next Tuesday night.

Her beverage of choice is chai.

Look out for further Featured Thermii and their owners in weeks to come.

6 thoughts on “Thermos of the Week (2)…introducing Patricia

  1. veepas says:

    Hello Patricia – what a great thermos! I’m very impressed with your dedication to this wonderful project and hope to introduce myself next week.

  2. Patricia, we’ve already met since we’re both singing the same part. It’s wonderful that you drive such a long way to sing with us all. (Hello veepas!)

  3. petawilliams says:

    Hallo Patricia, I never had a decent thermos until a few years ago, when my Mum gave me a new one, which is excellent, but can’t possibly compete with a family heirloom. It looks fabulous! And it must be lovely to have this handed down from your Mum; a precious thing indeed.

    I love hearing about the interest and dedication of people like yourself to things musical and things that connect us with each other – so well done for travelling from Geelong to be with the Quire. My only wish is that I could be there with you all! But I do enjoy connecting with you virtually, so to speak, via these posts, and because the lovely Tracy and Peta Murray let me know how things are going. Thank you for caring about our project, and for being such an integral part of it. For me, music is the great communicator, and the vehicle of a choir is such a powerful medium. Collectively we are strong, empowered, and connected. A wonderful community indeed. Sing it!

    Warmest wishes from Peta W.

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