TTFO Thermos of the Week


August 1, 2013 by wandalusst

Joanna D Introducing Joanna, the proud owner of our inaugural Thermos of The Week.

Joanna’s thermos has no particular story associated with it. However, she is keen to draw your attention to the sticker displayed on the flask. This depicts a goanna, and is there to remind all of us of the correct pronunciation of the thermos owner’s name!

Joanna is a new member of our Quire but seemed to be instantly at home in the Alto 2 section on Tuesday night.

Her beverage of choice is white coffee.

Look out for further Featured Thermii and their owners in weeks to come.

9 thoughts on “TTFO Thermos of the Week

  1. veepas says:

    Welcome aboard Joanna – I’ll be sure to say “hello” next week!

  2. sandrhors says:

    That’s just fabulous, really enjoyed it! And the thermos … leaves me speechless!!! Sandra Horsburgh

  3. Jennifer Coralie says:

    What a great rehearsal, and we have a wonderful singing teacher. I enjoyed myself, despite getting lost on the way from Melbourne airport!

  4. petawilliams says:

    Lovely to be introduced to you from afar, Joanna! That’s the frustration for me of not being in Melbourne… however, this is a fabulous way of hearing about the great members of the Quire. Your wonderful choir director, Tracy, and my esteemed playwright mate, Peta M, are keeping me posted about how it’s all going. I’ve always been particularly fond of the Alto 2 line, being an alto myself, although black (decaf) coffee is my preference… I hope you and your thermos enjoy! Peta W

  5. Joanna-goanna here. (Just re-read my email notes to discover this blog address.) It was lovely to meet Tracy and Peta M last week, and Peta W on the interwebs and I look forward to saying hello to veepas and Sandra this week. Who knew thermii is the plural of hot water bottles? At the end of rehearsal / practice I actually felt mildly euphoric, so I’m IN, sisters, doing the work and singing soulfully.

  6. fladdle says:

    Also, I met Glynis and that was a pleasure too. Hi Glynis!

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