Thermals, thermoses and thongs!


July 23, 2013 by wandalusst


Was last Sunday possibly the coldest Melbourne July day since time began?

Thankfully we who gathered in Footscray – scarves, gloves, hats, coats, thermals and thermiiii (what is the plural of thermos?) at the ready – also had the inner glow of song to keep us warm.

Our inQuiry Intro to Oratorio session was a fabulous afternoon of music and general merriment with a bit of lunch in the middle. Tracy Bourne led us expertly through two songs and her facial expressions and gestures suggested that most of the time we didn’t sound too bad. There’s an unedited snippet here if you’re up for a listen. (Note to the composer: WE STILL HAVE OUR ‘L’ PLATES ON!)

So, Swansingers, and any and all who would join us next time, get those diaries out.

A reminder that our next practice is NOT tonight. Regular weekly rehearsals commence next week on Tuesday 30 July, at 7pm, in the same building. Further details, maps, housekeeping and secret swan business will follow by email.

Find yourself a folder and a flash thermos. See you in the pond!

6 thoughts on “Thermals, thermoses and thongs!

  1. Caro Kearney says:

    Sounding great already – wishing I could join in, but being in Sydney, it’s a bit too hard for me, even if a bit warmer

  2. Carolin says:

    So, this is what we sound like in our first session. Can’t wait to hear us in 10 weeks time. We’ll bring the house down.

  3. veepas says:

    It was fun, friendly and fantastically fabulous!
    Roll on next Tuesday…

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