With a swan in my heart….

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July 20, 2013 by wandalusst


In anticipation of tomorrow, some answers to your FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Swansong!!!The Musical!!! is the focus of the next phase of our epic community arts project.

Not only is this oratorio intended as epilogue to the theatrical extravaganza some readers  already know of as Things That Fall Over BUT it is also a standalone, detachable, complete-in-itself pocket-sized oratorio to be performed separately.

What is an oratorio? It’s a bit like an opera, but without the money.

An oratorio typically tells a sacred story. It has characters (soloists) and chorus, and it usually has musicians. It is staged in a simple way, usually without costumes, scenery etc.

The most famous oratorios are by Bach. (Think St Matthew’s Passion.)

Swansong!!!The Musical!!! is not by Bach. When presented as the coda to TTFO it is “written” by a character called Verity. But here, as a standalone work for a women’s community Quire and Consorts, its authors are Peta Murray (text) and Peta Williams (music).

Swansong!!!The Musical!!! is narrated by a singer called The Weaver. It tells a simple fable of a child who finds an injured swan and ministers to it as it dies. In response to the Child’s kindness the swan is transformed, and the Child goes on to learn much about the mysteries of Life and the glories of Art. Sounds solemn? Sounds sublime? Good. It is both of these. But wait, there’s more.

Swansong!!! The Musical!!! mutates. From its formal opening we are delivered into a joyful, upbeat girl-group-meets-gospel sound, and beyond that, into a celebratory experience of song, community music-making and general mirth!

All of this. With beetroot!!!!

There’s much more to tell, but some of it is Secret Swan Business. An information session and introductory sing will be held tomorrow, 21 July, in Footscray, with regular rehearsals to follow, under the direction of choir leader, Tracy Bourne. Our singers will be supported as they learn their parts together and alone. Our aim is to prepare the work for its premiere public performances later this year. There are also further possibilities to be canvassed privately with our singers, and in consultation with the creative team.

If you think you may actually be a swan, and would like more information about times and locations, please email: peta@thingsthatfallover.com

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