From the pen of guest blogger, musical director, Jo Trevathan


November 26, 2012 by wandalusst

Jo Trevathan, pictured, right, in discussion with the Musical Con-sorts.

“I’m not sure if I know enough Robin…”

“It’s ok Peta Murray and Peta Williams know everything and I’m at 70% and you’re at 30% we are good to go!”

“All for one and one for all and bring your own mug we’re going green!”

The first week is a feast of original and arranged pieces of music that are a testament to Peta M and Peta W’s collaboration as they weave effortlessly through and around and out of the script.  Peta W had come down from Sydney for the week and was eager to hear her compositions come to life, and they did. Filling the Bluestone Hall, harmonies are winding in and around the melodies, Anthems are marched to, ukuleles unleashed, strings soaring and beautiful voices filling the room. Everyone jumped in on a part or a harmony and we all explored together while Peta W generously allowed each singer to find her way or to repeat a phrase or rhythm. Patience.

As the week continued wonderful characters lifted off the page… one afternoon I had to pop out only to return to find Matron falling in love with Nursie and me falling in love with Matron and her irrepressible joy and heroic entrances. …Nothing was too precious and often the more ridiculous and cheesy the better…I loved this part of the process, everyone was welcome with their ideas, thoughts, silliness and play.

There’s helicopters, mystery and intrigue, holes in the fence, dark clouds, erotic welding, a child, a swan and it’s mad and funny and fast.

Occasionally I’d check out Peta M curious to see if this was what she had in mind and often she was clutching her sides, her face contorted with laughter…other times everything would quiet down, and there was just a handful of us with the child, Tara. Her voice climbing up and around the rafters, so pure so clear, it is intimate and soft in the shadowy light and the words are mesmerizing, and the weaver is telling me a story I want to hear… they stay with me as I cycle home that night.

…so amongst the music stands, keyboards, uke cases, freshly baked banana bread, the mugs, the tea, and our centerpiece , the Leaning Lady of Tea Cosy,  this wonderful wacky , clever and inspiring work comes to life, lifted up by all of us who have come to play and poke and prod and wonder and marvel over it.

Best of all I get to conduct!!!  All for one and one for all!!!!



One thought on “From the pen of guest blogger, musical director, Jo Trevathan

  1. sarahardy2012 says:

    Dear Music Maker and bike rider: Matron swoons (but don’t tell Nursie). x

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