From the pen of guest blogger, lighting designer, Rachel Burke


November 22, 2012 by wandalusst

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“Instead we have unravellings and loose ends. For that is what life is….”
Peta Murray- Things That Fall Over

Cabinets, shelves, coffins, boxes, cupboards- at the end of life, that which
is left is packed away into containers.  The corporal life and the material
life are filed and stored.

This is why, in part, we are so moved by the receptacle works of Christian
Boltanski and Doris Salcedo, as pictured here, along with other inspirational images by James Casebere, Caravaggio and others. They are an experience of death before dying.

The buildings whose walls encase our lives are filled with cupboards, filing
cabinets, desks and yet more boxes.  The Home, The School, The Office ,The
Hospital, The Archive and The Prison.  We are constantly involved with the
process of filing and archiving, storing and preserving and shredding and

Things That Fall Over was an exploration of how light works to bring further
meaning to these concepts and may be used to frame moments, moment to moment.  The
idea of the frame became important as we explored the arrangement and light
of paintings by the old masters.

Light that is present and not present
Light that is image and not image
Light that is natural and not natural

Light as an eclectic collection of sources that intentionally evokes a
breadth of history and humanity to support the writing.

Maybe the light as a set wings imagery became so important as a means of
escape from all those boxes?

2 thoughts on “From the pen of guest blogger, lighting designer, Rachel Burke

  1. petawilliams says:

    Thank you, Rachel, for your beautiful post. I know so little about the actuality of ‘light’, but I read your words and they prompted these thoughts. Light moves. Light reveals. Light reflects. Hides. Illuminates. Light allows us to see, or not. Both metaphor and the lived experience. Like the things might fall over, or might not. Thank you for the light that you use to reveal all that is hidden, and needs to be revealed (or not), in Peta Murray’s ‘Things That Fall Over’. For me, what you will illuminate is the key. I so look forward to seeing more (or less, as the case may be). Peta W

  2. sarahardy2012 says:

    Rachel – what an enchating guest blog. Deeply interesting. I so enjoyed seeing you at work. I think about the potential of light and shadow very differently (more deeply) as a consequence… Thank you.

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