Introducing Laura Sheridan, Musician


October 25, 2012 by wandalusst

Laura Sheridan is a cellist and choir leader and grew up surrounded by music and theatre. As a child she participated in numerous ensembles including a children’s production by the Victorian Opera. It was through this and her later involvement in Melbourne University Student Theatre and Handspan Theatre Company that she developed a love of magic realism and a somewhat darker style of theatre. However, Laura’s main focus remains music. She currently teaches cello, performs with the Newport Strings chamber ensemble and the Angelicats urban-folk band and conducts the Kensington Community Choir. She is unashamedly obsessed with all things cello and her influences range from classical virtuosi to contemporary folk, jazz, blues and metal cellists.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Laura Sheridan, Musician

  1. petawilliams says:

    I’m interested to read that Laura has developed a love of the ‘somewhat darker style of theatre’. I’m intrigued! She is such a great cellist, musician, and all round great person, and I think the TTFO creative team is blessed to have her involved. I look forward to making music with you, Laura! Peta W

  2. jackywinter says:

    ‘Four Little Girls’ started it all Peta! A Picasso play (?) put on by by Handspan and directed by Ariette Taylor in 1986.

    I spoke to Ariette after the show and told her the show was like seeing my worst nightmares come true.

    She beamed and remarked: ‘that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!’

    . . . and the journey began!

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